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  • There are three main shelving systems used in supermarkets and grocery stores. Gondola shelving systems, wall units and custom-made shelving units.
  • Pharmacy metal shelving systems are specially made to store small products and pharmaceuticals. The dimension of pharmacy shelving is smaller in regards with normal metal shelving systems. shelve lighting is available for pharmacy lighting since it is important in pharmacies to create a special environment.
  • Fashion is a fast-moving industry, so we offer two lines of shelving systems for fashion industry; custom-made shelving solutions and common production lines including hangers and etc.
  • Best shelving solution to keep bread fresh for a long time is wooden shelving solution. We offer mix of metal and wool, and full wood shelving solutions for bakeries.
  • One of the most important features of a good shelving solution is the ability to add shelving accessories like cross bars and hangers, lighting, baskets and in store communication materials to the shelf. These are the most common shelving accessories for supermarkets, and grocery stores.
  • Common weight tolerance of each shelf is 100 kilos (220 lbs.) which means each shelving unit with 6 shelves can tolerate about 600 kg (1320 lbs.)
  • We use roll forming technology for shelf production, and Electrostatic paint technology to color the shelves. This gives us more color options and higher weight tolerance.
  • Our shelving systems are designed to be stand alone. They are flexible to be moved around and re-modeled.