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About Us

We produce great ideas and build new world


Our activity

In any scale of projects, from a neighborhood small supermarket to a 10,000+ SQM hypermarket, our mission is to help our clients get the best out of their projects. This is only possible with offering our highest quality products and our professional consultancy throughout the projects; results would be nothing but happy customers.Read More

What do we do?

We are working hard not only to sell our products but also to create trust and loyalty for our clients. MonoShelf for its clients is not only a shelving system, it is a culture of creativity and friendship. As a bold example of this friendship and business culture, we can recall our business method and success in England.Read More

About MonoShelf

During the 10 years of its activity, MonoShelf has successfully gained the trust of many international and local chains. This is all thanks to the high production quality of our products. MonoShelf Products are easily comparable to the European products and we are proud to say MonoShelf products would meet the standards of the European Shelving systems.Read More


We Successfully Convert Great Ideas To Reality


Because of production, and coloring technology we use in MonoShelf, our shelving systems durability and resistance is remarkable.


MonoShelf shelving systems are designed to be customized based on your needs in terms of color, size, height, and usage.


We believe in highest quality with the lowest possible cost and this is why our shelving systems pricing are competitive in the market.

We are proud to say our production technology and production lead time is one of the best in the world. In addition, the that we are proud to have some of the most professional experts and engineers of the region on our team. MonoShelf team, from the initial consultation stage to all the way to installation phase, stays alongside the clients and keeps continuous monitoring over the projects. All these together have resulted in having a long list of happy loyal clients.