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Effects of Shelving and Shop Equipment on Customers
Nowadays, supermarkets and hypermarkets have burgeoned and made customers more interested to shop from such places, so a very strong competition has been formed in this market and many companies have been established to serve these stores…

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Importance of Material of Shelving Systems

Including Bread Shelving System, Fruit and Vegetable Shelving System, Cosmetic Shelving System, Home Appliances Shelving System, Fashion Shelving System, and even Checkout Stands.

Imagine how it will affect your store’s appearance if you observe paleness or bending on the shelves of your store after only one year. Therefore, selecting a suitable firm metal shelf to stand many years in your store is one of the priorities of a grocery store, or any retail area. The variety of our shelving systems is wide that depending on the product you want to be presented, there is a different design and color scheme. So, you select a type of shelving system for cosmetics section and another model for fruit and vegetables. Here we refer to the categories of these products: Including Bread Shelving System, Fruit and Vegetable Shelving System, Cosmetic Shelving System, Home Appliances Shelving System, Fashion Shelving System, and even Checkout Stands. After making shelving system selection, we offer other store equipment such as pricing and in store communication accessories. We believe if it is easier for a customer to reach their targeted product, it is more likely for them to return to the store. Therefore, using proper shop equipment to assist customers is so important. The variety of products produced in field of shop equipment is so wide that there is an answer for almost every need. If you take into account the quality of store equipment as well as variety of it, it will have a direct effect on sales and profits level. Here in MonoShelf, we offer all solutions in one package at a reasonable price to make it easy for our clients to start their business the right way.

Advantages of shelving systems

Space limitation is an issue that many customers face constantly, and it has caused an increase on demand of space optimization. Today, there are different storage systems for different environments such as warehouses and factories. An ideal storage system should meet different needs, such as access to low space, preparation of more storage space and easy-use of storage. Fortunately, there are storage systems that can meet all of these needs. These systems are known as shelving systems which are very useful. Regardless of where shelving systems are used, some of the benefits of them are mentioned here: • Shelving systems are known to save on floor space whilst offering more storage, because the shelves are placed on top of one another. This way very little space is consumed and more items can be stored • Another advantage of using shelving systems is that they help to organize store spaces. This makes finding and retrieving things easy for employees, which improves daily tasks. • Shelving systems can reduce the number of accidents that take place in a workplace, as they help to organize and store things in an efficient manner. These shelving systems are available in a variety of sizes, which makes them suitable for all kinds of companies. Due to this, shelving systems can also be used in offices, hospitals, shops and many other places that require additional storage space


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In any scale of projects, from a neighborhood small supermarket to a 10,000+ SQM hypermarket, our mission is to help our clients get the best out of their projects. This is only possible with offering our highest quality products and our professional consultancy throughout the projects; results would be nothing but happy customers.Read More

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We are working hard not only to sell our products but also to create trust and loyalty for our clients. MonoShelf for its clients is not only a shelving system, it is a culture of creativity and friendship. As a bold example of this friendship and business culture, we can recall our business method and success in England.Read More

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During the 10 years of its activity, MonoShelf has successfully gained the trust of many international and local chains. This is all thanks to the high production quality of our products. MonoShelf Products are easily comparable to the European products and we are proud to say MonoShelf products would meet the standards of the European Shelving systems.Read More

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